I found my compost bin some weeks back! It’s a container for popcorn sold during Christmas,  someone didn’t want it, left it by the staircase and I came along. The moment I saw it, I thought “COMPOST BIN!”. I was thrilled that I found something that I could recycle and my mom gave me weird looks when I hugged the piece of trash home.

Ever since I started reading garderning blogs, I noticed that composting is a very big thing that gets mentioned everywhere. I would like to do something about my kitchen scraps too, instead of dumping them into landfills. Been surfing up on composting and even though I have only 7 containers of plants to date, I would still like to try my hand on composting. I can’t have a compost heap since I don’t have a garden at all, but I can try starting my very own apartment composting bin.

I’ve been feeding my compost bin:

  • dried leaves 
  • coffee grounds
  • tea leaves 
  • a variety of kitchen scraps such as fruit peels, vegetable ends, etc

But about a week or two later, I saw maggots crawling happily in the heap. Darn. Darn. Darn.

And that’s how my first attempt at composting went.

MM, a member of the Green Culture Singapore forum, went to my rescue when he answered my questions posted on the forum asking about what went wrong. Here’s what I learnt from my first composting attempt (cos all I thought was that I just needed to add my greens & browns):

  • My compost heap is too wet.
  • Grass clippings decompose quickly and help to get the process started. So I made a mental note to add some next time.
  • I need to add some high nitrogen matter (activators) to kickstart the process
  • I need to add as well some soil or compost for the bacteria that is naturally occuring in the soil.

Points all noted for my second attempt at composting.

I’ll be back, hasta la vista baby.