It’s been constantly raining unpredictably for the past week and is still drizzling now as I write this. The drippy grey clouds seem to match my mood of bewilderment. I don’t quite understood what happened to my first cherry tomato flower so I’m just going to write it as it is.

My first cherry tomato flower just wilted after a few days so I want to take a picture for my blog. On the left, beside the very wilted first flower is a second one that bloomed a few days after the first and looks as if it is in the proceed of wilting as well.


After the picture was taken, I looked up and @#&%*#! I see no flower!


The flower just simply dropped off immediately after the picture was taken and I didn’t even touch it. Darn is to put it mildly. I’m abit flabbergasted and disappointed. Where did I go wrong this time? Even the second flower is yellowing and looks as if it’s gonna go down the same path as the first. The worse thing is that I am totally clueless.

More cherry tomato flowers are appearing but instead of feeling happy, I’m kind of worried now that they will all share the same fate.


Don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. This blog should be retitled “Dummies Guide on How NOT to Grow Vegetables”.