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This is how my balcony looks like after 3 months plus of growing.

It looks like an unruly jungle from the pictures but compared to how empty my balcony was 3 months ago, I am not complaining.

My mom has plans to grow the snake beans again at the smaller balcony that’s at the back of the kitchen and I thought about growing some climbing foliage plant (fantastic if it flowers as well) up and along the pipe at the left of the balcony.

It’s still a long way from my dream balcony filled with lush greens but I’m learning and we’ll get there bit by bit.


It occured to me that I should “document” the aesthetical progress of my balcony too.

What’s a blog about my balcony without pictures of my balcony? 



Yup, this is it. All 9 x 1 metres of it (29 x 3 feet).

You know when you read other gardening blogs where pictures of beautiful gardens, backyards, allotments, etc, are posted? (for the record, I am VERY envious)

Here I am, posting pictures of my balcony. Pathetic, I know. LOL.

I definitely hope to add a shelf or two to have more growing space and maybe plant boxes for the railings. Will add on as I grow along. Coupon Code STB15 for US$10 off First Order

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About Me

Limited apartment space is not a deterrent to my garden dreams. I’m no green-thumb but always have alot of hope and optimism.

I’m located in Singapore, a tropical Asian country.

Comments, especially gardening tips, are greatly welcomed. Thanks for dropping by! Teresa

Stuff That I Am Attempting To Grow

Cherry Tomato
Curled Parsley
Lemon Balm
Okra (lady's finger)
Snake Bean (yardlong bean)