Snake Bean A: Pssst… guys, guess what I heard…  (conspiratorial whispering)

Rest of the Snake Beans: (gasps in horror) What do you mean she doesn’t know how tall we’ll be growing until? This is insulting. We’re at the end of our trellis already, her bamboo pole support sucks.

Snake Bean A: Look, it’s her first time growing anything, she has extended our bamboo poles already and we have not stopped growing still. She’s already at her wits end and wondering whether our continuous upward growth is due to overcrowding. Give her a break.

Rest of the Snake Beans: But we’re not going to stop. We are meant to climb… for reaching new heights! We’re aiming for the blinds!

Snake Bean A: Wait! Wait! She’s even considering whether to pull 2 of us out so that the rest of us will have more space. She’s worried that we might not flower at all.

Rest of the Snake Beans: But this is preposterous! You can’t expect us to just stop now. We must reach for new heights!  

Snake Bean A: Guys, guys, please. Just try to lie low take it easy for now. Please?