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I was feeling pretty low about my balcony greens and blogging for the past week. And this picture pretty much sums up the feeling.


Didn’t really want to write about anything. Come on, what’s there to write about? The snake beans are going haywire and with no sign of flowering still, plus the freakish weather is causing alot of leaves to turn yellow and drop off.  The death toll of the cherry tomatoes flowers are hitting 5 by now. My dill is turning yellow at an alarming rate and there’s nothing new to grow cos I am still trying to collect recycled containers from around the house to use as pots.

This all accumulated to the sinking feeling that I just suck at growing stuff. Simply clueless about watering, soil conditions & quantity needed, fertilization, plant preferences, etc…


But I was reading through Kate’s article one day and this occured to me. When you garden and blog, you are not alone. Gardeners are kind folks who don’t laugh at you and encourage you along the way. Many thanks and virtual hugs to Kate, Wilson, Christina, Patrick, Rowena, Christi and recently, Joco, who all have helped me along the way with your comments, your words of encouragement, advise and tips.

So my snake beans are out of control, other stuff are turning yellow, but I learn right? I’ve learnt not to overcrowd my seeds anymore, learnt about the different types of soil, plant preferences, etc. And I should always continue to keep trying and learning along the way. So even starting all over again, finding less ambitious seeds to grow…  even growing a small pot of basil is something for a brown thumb like me.

If not for blogging, I would be growing my greens alone and would have given up sooner, and resigned myself to the fact that I kill plants, once again.  So I am giving my thanks now for technological advances, for nice folks and kind friends from other parts of the world that I would never have dreamt about making otherwise, if not for blogging.

I will never grow alone again.


All images from I Has A HotDog. Check it out! It’s simply too cute. Guaranteed to lighten up some gardening blues.


It’s been constantly raining unpredictably for the past week and is still drizzling now as I write this. The drippy grey clouds seem to match my mood of bewilderment. I don’t quite understood what happened to my first cherry tomato flower so I’m just going to write it as it is.

My first cherry tomato flower just wilted after a few days so I want to take a picture for my blog. On the left, beside the very wilted first flower is a second one that bloomed a few days after the first and looks as if it is in the proceed of wilting as well.


After the picture was taken, I looked up and @#&%*#! I see no flower!


The flower just simply dropped off immediately after the picture was taken and I didn’t even touch it. Darn is to put it mildly. I’m abit flabbergasted and disappointed. Where did I go wrong this time? Even the second flower is yellowing and looks as if it’s gonna go down the same path as the first. The worse thing is that I am totally clueless.

More cherry tomato flowers are appearing but instead of feeling happy, I’m kind of worried now that they will all share the same fate.


Don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. This blog should be retitled “Dummies Guide on How NOT to Grow Vegetables”.

I was out of town for 9 days and look what happened to my snake beans.


I’ve been trying to “encourage” them to grow around their trellis but I guess they had a mind of their own. This means I can’t lower that portion of the blind anymore. Not that I really mind since their leaves create a nice silhouette too, just that I am amused by their progress.

I swear they looked triumphant. Like “Har! We did it! We made it to the blinds before she came back!”

Continued to check on the progress of my other plants and GASP! What is it that I see?


My first flower!

It’s from one of the cherry tomato plants and it looks like there are 2 more smaller flower buds in fact. Fantastic! Didn’t knew it could be so exhilarating discovering your first flower.  It’s like you’re not growing just stems and leaves anymore. SWEET!

This first flower hasn’t bloom fully yet. I know successful germination of the flower to bear fruits is another hurdle but I’m basking in happiness for now cos this means that I am one step closer to tasting red, juicy & delicious home-grown cherry tomatoes.

This Disney tune popped up in my head suddenly while I was admiring my first flower…

“Skippity Do Dar, Skippity Day… My O My, It’s A Wonderful Day!”

It sure is a wonderful day!

Read on yesterday’s copy of Today that “it will soon be compulsory for all condominiums and private apartments to have recycling facilities.” (page 10)

Yay! Way to go, this is definitely good news for me. Having recycling bins will encourage more people to not just thrash their paper and plastics. Hey, every little bit for the earth counts right?

But as I flipped on, this other article changed my mood from upbeat to down-crestedness.

The header for this NATAS Travel Fair related article (pg 48) reads – “LAST CHANCE TO SEE – Tourists Are Heading To Formerly Ignored Destinations Before Warming Weather Takes Its Toll“.

Some snippets are:

That dream vacation – diving along the Great Barrier Reeef, skiing in the Swiss Alps – could remain a dream forever if you don’t get a move on it… As global warming is rising up the world’s agenda, ecotourists are flocking to previously ignored places… It’s been called climate sightseeing, a kind of farewell tour of Earth’s greatest hits… Here’s a short list of places that are feeling the effects of global warming today – places to consider as you put to consider as you put together your travel plans…”

I don’t know what to think anymore. It’s like a “Here ye, here ye, come see before it’s gone” sort of marketing pitch to sell travel.

Hey, we should be more ashamed over the fact that this is what we, humans, did to our one and only planet that we live on and what we SHOULD AND CAN do about it.

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