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Since the eating of the single snake bean,  2 more snake beans have since grown, bringing my total yield now to 3 snake beans. It’s a little pathetic referring to them in singular, countable terms but this is how it is for me. Anything more than 1 is a damn good thing.

I came home 2 days ago to discover that one of this 2 snake beans went missing! Mind you, don’t find me a drama queen but when you have only 2 precious snake beans hanging, you will find it quite a shock losing one.

So here’s how the conversation went between me and my mom for the accounting of the missing snake bean.

Me: Gasp! How come it’s missing???? (starting to get abit high pitched)

Mom: Your dad’s friend from China came just now to visit and took that snake bean back with him.

Me: What!!! He can’t just take it like that! Don’t they have snake beans in China?!?!? Why take mine?!?!?! (at this point, I am whining abit)

Mom: He says that the ones he grows in his backyard are not as long as yours, so he wants your snake bean for its seeds to grow them back home.

Me: Oh.

Since then, I find it so great that my snakebeans seeds will be going far away from here and continuing its line and flourishing somewhere in a backyard in China where there will be alot more space than my balcony. 

So uncle, I’m totally cool about it now, it’s okay for you to take my snakebean. Grin.  

More updates: I have counted 3 more flowers to date so we should have some more snakebeans coming. Yippee.  


Here’s how you cook just one snake bean:

Step 1: You get your mom to cut it up while she’s very amused that you have to take pictures of the whole process

Step 2: Stir fry with anchovies and egg


Step 3: Serve.  Portion enough for 3 mouthfuls.


Pathetic recipe aside, my verdict is that home-grown vegetables is still the BEST! 

Simply because I watered, watched and waited for it. Full stop. 

I came home happily from the local supermarket last evening and was completely shocked and to see this hanging amongst my snake bean plants.


A full grown snake bean!

Where did that come from? I blinked and my first reaction was to scream for my mom because she is famous for her pranks. She once produced a 3 year old lottery ticket (we call it 4D here) bearing the first prize numbers of that day’s draw. I jumped in jubilation for awhile before realising that the ticket has expired, bearing the same winning numbers no doubt, but the ticket was bought 3 years ago. This is the extent of my mom’s pranks. This woman actually keeps her 4D tickets for years, waiting for her chance to play such a prank. So I doubted the snake bean at first, she could have stuck it on for all I knew. 

Upon closer inspection, it’s for real! After lamenting and mooning for weeks, I suddenly have a full grown surprise snake bean and it’s 22.5 inches already! Still scratching my head on this, but nevertheless, happy. Yes, even if it is just one snake bean.

Our deduction was that it could be growing at the very top of the blinds and was rustled from its resting postion during the heavy rain and hence, just dropped to its current position. I have a strange balcony of plants, first my lemon balm, now this.

My mom joked that it is my one yield snake bean. 5 plants and close to 3 months of waiting produces just one yield.

But behold, I saw some more flowers! Happy as a lark. Which means I’ve got about 4 more snake beans to come. I’ve never seen snake bean flowers before and they look great! Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement. I thought it will never happen but it’s true! It did!

The snake bean plants has been deteriorating rapidly this few days (not sure if it’s the freaky weather) and we might have to take everything down after this batch has finished growing their snake beans. But in retrospect, I’ve learnt alot about how better to grow them (no overcrowding and provide ample trellis cos they climb like mad and need good support) and the feeling of finally having grown something is just great. 



I had such a hoot when I read not just one, but two letters from two individual members of the public published separately in the The Straits Times and Today, writing about the organizers of the Formula One night race choosing to test their 3000 lux lighting system 30 minutes before the start of Earth Hour in Singapore.

Really? They did that? Oh my gosh, I didn’t even know that until I read the letters in the forum. To the two gentlemen who bothered to spend time and write in about this issue – Good for you! Way to go people!

It is heartening to know when there are others who cared about the earth enough and spoke up for it. Speak up, be heard and create change.

Quote from F1 Underground – The Singapore Grand Prix Organizers Mock Earth Hour: The lights (300 times more powerful than normal street lights) are being tested today when much of the world is turning their lights off for one hour to symbolically bring attention to the growing environmental crisis. The lights (only a fraction of the 1500 that will be used in the race) will be left in place and turned on each evening at 7 PM along with the regular street lights in Singapore for a week.

I know, I know… tourism dollars, hotel sector booms, helps the economy, etc, etc, but can we call for a little sensitivity please? For earth? 

My very first pot of lemon balm that I have grown since end January is seeding. Amazing. Something that I have actually grown from seed is producing seeds and continuing the circle of life. Yes, we all know in school that plants are grown from seeds, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah, but when you grow something and see it for yourself, it’s just amazing. Makes you appreciate the gifts of nature even more.


And this is the second pot of lemon balm which I have grown since mid of February when I thought that nothing is going to come out of the first pot. Thriving very well too. Bless you guys.


I found it aptly amusing to only realise the difference between this two pots of lemon balm on April Fool’s Day. Have been looking at them daily for a significant period of time and the dim-witted light bulb only lighted up today. D’oh! Another Homer Simpson moment.   


See any difference? Compare the shape of the leaves and the body of the plant. They look totally different from each other to me. In fact, the second pot looks more like lemon balm after I googled for more lemon balm images. They are supposedly sowed from the same pack of seeds and yes, I am very sure that I didn’t mix anything up.

Two species of lemon balm seeds in the same seed pack? Maybe. Or is there something that I should know, like this is a very common occurence? Then again, it doesn’t bother me much. No biggie.

I hope everyone gets a good laugh today.

When was the last time that you laughed until you cried?

Yes, I just watched The Bucket List and you should too 🙂

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