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Me and my itchy fingers decided to move the Okra seedling from its recycled plastic bottle container to a bigger one. Three days after its move, one of its leaf turned yellow and wilted. Another leaf is turning yellow as I type. I don’t know if this will progress to the rest of the whole plant. It’s the only seedling that germinated out of over 10 seeds that I tried. Shucks.


Dill is turning yellow too. Could it be overcrowding? Should I pull out the yellowed ones to make space?


Feeling Blue.

Blue + Yellow = Green = Definitely not the colour of my okra & dill


The snake beans plants have started to creep around their bamboo trellis about 5 days ago. I am so amazed at their instinctive ability to seek out the support and slowly creep its way upwards. For a city raised person who hasn’t grown anything before, this is a very interesting thing to observe. Pardon my gushing as this is such a trivial, common sight for gardeners. I promise to get a grip on myself.


My snake beans are almost touching the top of the balcony railings. The yellow arrows mark the height of each plant now. The blue line marks their average height 2 weeks ago.


The lone lemon balm seedling was joined by 6 other seedlings about 5 days ago. Guess it wasn’t a lone ranger like I thought, just an early starter.


Dill is coming along nicely, but looks abit overcrowded, doesn’t it? But I have no heart to pull any out. Could I just leave it as it is? Or will they be able to stand being transplanted to another container? Maybe I’ll try transplanting some.


Parsley is coming along nicely too.


Chives are a half-hearted dismal affair. Could it be the soil that I am using?


Out of the original 10 cherry tomato seedlings that sprouted, I have kept 5 of them. Transplanted 2 into their individual plastic bottle containers and kept 3 in the original pot for now. They are coming along nicely too.


After the mouldy Okra seed incident, one wonderful Okra seedling managed to germinate out of a batch of 8 seeds that I tried to sow again. I will try to germinate some again so that I could have at least 2 Okra plants. I love steamed Okra.


I give up on Coriander. There seems to be no sucess whatsoever, no matter how I try to germinate them. Will listen to advice and get new fresh seeds.  My mom seems to be mocking me silently with the way she continues to grow her coriander that she bought from the market.


7 days ago, I decided to germinate just one Okra (ladyfinger) seed so that I will not be faced with the painful decision of having to eliminate other healthy seedlings. So i sowed just one precious seed in a Jiffy Plant Starter. One which I thought looked the most robust and promising.

Staring at the Jiffy Plant Starter this morning, I wondered why there is still no seedling after 7 days and decided to check on the litte fella by digging my finger gingerly into the peat. When I found it and to my horror, there was this strange bluish green mould on the seed.


Oh dear. What’s this? Where did I go wrong? 

Darn darn darn, all 7 days of waiting for nothing. That’s it.

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