7 days ago, I decided to germinate just one Okra (ladyfinger) seed so that I will not be faced with the painful decision of having to eliminate other healthy seedlings. So i sowed just one precious seed in a Jiffy Plant Starter. One which I thought looked the most robust and promising.

Staring at the Jiffy Plant Starter this morning, I wondered why there is still no seedling after 7 days and decided to check on the litte fella by digging my finger gingerly into the peat. When I found it and to my horror, there was this strange bluish green mould on the seed.


Oh dear. What’s this? Where did I go wrong? 

Darn darn darn, all 7 days of waiting for nothing. That’s it.

To heck with just one seedling.  I am germinating 4 Okra seeds using cotton wool.