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I’m back! Sorry that it’s been so long but I’ve been trying to catch up with the real life after coming back.

Instead of posting the standard tourist stuff, I have decided to share with you my shots of the balconies in Italy. While other tourists were clicking away at the statues and everything else, I was busily oohing and aahing at the balconies and happily snapping away at them. Abit mad but who cares?

There is a very distinctive style with regards to the balconies in Italy (balcony pictures are mostly taken in Rome and Verona). In my opinion, the balconies there really contributed to spirit of the beautiful country. Viva Italia!


























After this, I think that balconies can really help to beautify and contribute to the cityscape in general so if you’re a Singaporean with an empty balcony and reading this, hope that you’re inspired as well to do something about it 🙂

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About Me

Limited apartment space is not a deterrent to my garden dreams. I’m no green-thumb but always have alot of hope and optimism.

I’m located in Singapore, a tropical Asian country.

Comments, especially gardening tips, are greatly welcomed. Thanks for dropping by! Teresa

Stuff That I Am Attempting To Grow

Cherry Tomato
Curled Parsley
Lemon Balm
Okra (lady's finger)
Snake Bean (yardlong bean)