I had such a hoot when I read not just one, but two letters from two individual members of the public published separately in the The Straits Times and Today, writing about the organizers of the Formula One night race choosing to test their 3000 lux lighting system 30 minutes before the start of Earth Hour in Singapore.

Really? They did that? Oh my gosh, I didn’t even know that until I read the letters in the forum. To the two gentlemen who bothered to spend time and write in about this issue – Good for you! Way to go people!

It is heartening to know when there are others who cared about the earth enough and spoke up for it. Speak up, be heard and create change.

Quote from F1 Underground – The Singapore Grand Prix Organizers Mock Earth Hour: The lights (300 times more powerful than normal street lights) are being tested today when much of the world is turning their lights off for one hour to symbolically bring attention to the growing environmental crisis. The lights (only a fraction of the 1500 that will be used in the race) will be left in place and turned on each evening at 7 PM along with the regular street lights in Singapore for a week.

I know, I know… tourism dollars, hotel sector booms, helps the economy, etc, etc, but can we call for a little sensitivity please? For earth?