In one of my earlier post, I mentioned that my mom started growing her own snakebean plant from a seed of my previous snakebeans. On its own, the snakebean plant has taken up quite abit of space in the back balcony.


To date, her sole snakebean plant reaped 11 snakebeans with more to come. It has been flowering regularly and we have had 3 plates of stir fried snakebeans from her 1 lone plant already. We have quite abit of fun looking out for baby snakebeans that pop up overnight after the flowers drop off. Can you spot 5 snakebeans in this picture?

Yield from my previous 5 snakebean plants = 4 snakebeans

Yield from my mom’s 1 snakebean plant = 11 snakebeans & more to come

Growing up in a kampung (Malay word for village) in Perak, Malaysia, my mom certainly has the knack for growing stuff and will tell me stories of how delicious her grandmother’s snakebeans were. I am very proud of my mom’s snakebeans but am sad to say that I didn’t inherit this gift of growing stuff from her. Sheesh, her snakebean statistics puts me to shame man.

Though after my observation, there are some things that I can learn from her:

1. Do not be greedy and overcrowd my plants. Unhappy plants translate into a low yield.

2. Just let my plants be. Do not stare at them incessantly and or interfere with their growing path.

3. Be patient. In growing, “om” is the right word. The more I stare, the longer it seems to take.