After close to a month of self-enforced hibernation where I switched off my mobile phone and went off human contact apart from my family, I think I have recovered both mentally and physically. I no longer question “Why?”, I can recall what happened without crying and everything happens for a reason. Am sorry if I had worried anyone, and thanks alot for your thoughts and words of encouragement. Each and everyone of them helped.

I finally feel up to emerging from this black hole of not wanting to do anything.  I realised that I can persist to wallow in self-pity and self-centeredness but really, what happened to me was not that big an issue at all. Through close friends and this blog, I’ve come to cherish the fact that human encouragement and interaction really does lift minds and spirits, without which I might have slipped deeper into the black hole and continue to indulge in self-pity.

On the lighter vegetative side of things, the condition of my snake bean plants deteriorated drastically during this period and we had no choice but to clear it . I missed it quite badly actually. It yielded a grand total of 4 snake beans, laughable by farmer standards, but I’m still damn pleased about it. My mom is growing her own snake bean plant, which is 3 weeks old by now, from seeds that came from my snake bean plants so I feel that the lifeline had continued somehow. 

What’s still standing proud in my balcony is lemon balm, of which I have 2 pots by now. I’ve gotten seeds for Pak Choy which I want to try and grow, and will also be reattempting to grow cherry tomatoes again.

Pardon my pun but I do hope that in both oneself and vegetative terms – ONWARDS I GROW.