Since the eating of the single snake bean,  2 more snake beans have since grown, bringing my total yield now to 3 snake beans. It’s a little pathetic referring to them in singular, countable terms but this is how it is for me. Anything more than 1 is a damn good thing.

I came home 2 days ago to discover that one of this 2 snake beans went missing! Mind you, don’t find me a drama queen but when you have only 2 precious snake beans hanging, you will find it quite a shock losing one.

So here’s how the conversation went between me and my mom for the accounting of the missing snake bean.

Me: Gasp! How come it’s missing???? (starting to get abit high pitched)

Mom: Your dad’s friend from China came just now to visit and took that snake bean back with him.

Me: What!!! He can’t just take it like that! Don’t they have snake beans in China?!?!? Why take mine?!?!?! (at this point, I am whining abit)

Mom: He says that the ones he grows in his backyard are not as long as yours, so he wants your snake bean for its seeds to grow them back home.

Me: Oh.

Since then, I find it so great that my snakebeans seeds will be going far away from here and continuing its line and flourishing somewhere in a backyard in China where there will be alot more space than my balcony. 

So uncle, I’m totally cool about it now, it’s okay for you to take my snakebean. Grin.  

More updates: I have counted 3 more flowers to date so we should have some more snakebeans coming. Yippee.