I came home happily from the local supermarket last evening and was completely shocked and to see this hanging amongst my snake bean plants.


A full grown snake bean!

Where did that come from? I blinked and my first reaction was to scream for my mom because she is famous for her pranks. She once produced a 3 year old lottery ticket (we call it 4D here) bearing the first prize numbers of that day’s draw. I jumped in jubilation for awhile before realising that the ticket has expired, bearing the same winning numbers no doubt, but the ticket was bought 3 years ago. This is the extent of my mom’s pranks. This woman actually keeps her 4D tickets for years, waiting for her chance to play such a prank. So I doubted the snake bean at first, she could have stuck it on for all I knew. 

Upon closer inspection, it’s for real! After lamenting and mooning for weeks, I suddenly have a full grown surprise snake bean and it’s 22.5 inches already! Still scratching my head on this, but nevertheless, happy. Yes, even if it is just one snake bean.

Our deduction was that it could be growing at the very top of the blinds and was rustled from its resting postion during the heavy rain and hence, just dropped to its current position. I have a strange balcony of plants, first my lemon balm, now this.

My mom joked that it is my one yield snake bean. 5 plants and close to 3 months of waiting produces just one yield.

But behold, I saw some more flowers! Happy as a lark. Which means I’ve got about 4 more snake beans to come. I’ve never seen snake bean flowers before and they look great! Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement. I thought it will never happen but it’s true! It did!

The snake bean plants has been deteriorating rapidly this few days (not sure if it’s the freaky weather) and we might have to take everything down after this batch has finished growing their snake beans. But in retrospect, I’ve learnt alot about how better to grow them (no overcrowding and provide ample trellis cos they climb like mad and need good support) and the feeling of finally having grown something is just great.