My very first pot of lemon balm that I have grown since end January is seeding. Amazing. Something that I have actually grown from seed is producing seeds and continuing the circle of life. Yes, we all know in school that plants are grown from seeds, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah, but when you grow something and see it for yourself, it’s just amazing. Makes you appreciate the gifts of nature even more.


And this is the second pot of lemon balm which I have grown since mid of February when I thought that nothing is going to come out of the first pot. Thriving very well too. Bless you guys.


I found it aptly amusing to only realise the difference between this two pots of lemon balm on April Fool’s Day. Have been looking at them daily for a significant period of time and the dim-witted light bulb only lighted up today. D’oh! Another Homer Simpson moment.   


See any difference? Compare the shape of the leaves and the body of the plant. They look totally different from each other to me. In fact, the second pot looks more like lemon balm after I googled for more lemon balm images. They are supposedly sowed from the same pack of seeds and yes, I am very sure that I didn’t mix anything up.

Two species of lemon balm seeds in the same seed pack? Maybe. Or is there something that I should know, like this is a very common occurence? Then again, it doesn’t bother me much. No biggie.

I hope everyone gets a good laugh today.

When was the last time that you laughed until you cried?

Yes, I just watched The Bucket List and you should too 🙂

Have a good April Fool’s Day everyone!