I was out of town for 9 days and look what happened to my snake beans.


I’ve been trying to “encourage” them to grow around their trellis but I guess they had a mind of their own. This means I can’t lower that portion of the blind anymore. Not that I really mind since their leaves create a nice silhouette too, just that I am amused by their progress.

I swear they looked triumphant. Like “Har! We did it! We made it to the blinds before she came back!”

Continued to check on the progress of my other plants and GASP! What is it that I see?


My first flower!

It’s from one of the cherry tomato plants and it looks like there are 2 more smaller flower buds in fact. Fantastic! Didn’t knew it could be so exhilarating discovering your first flower.  It’s like you’re not growing just stems and leaves anymore. SWEET!

This first flower hasn’t bloom fully yet. I know successful germination of the flower to bear fruits is another hurdle but I’m basking in happiness for now cos this means that I am one step closer to tasting red, juicy & delicious home-grown cherry tomatoes.

This Disney tune popped up in my head suddenly while I was admiring my first flower…

“Skippity Do Dar, Skippity Day… My O My, It’s A Wonderful Day!”

It sure is a wonderful day!