Read on yesterday’s copy of Today that “it will soon be compulsory for all condominiums and private apartments to have recycling facilities.” (page 10)

Yay! Way to go, this is definitely good news for me. Having recycling bins will encourage more people to not just thrash their paper and plastics. Hey, every little bit for the earth counts right?

But as I flipped on, this other article changed my mood from upbeat to down-crestedness.

The header for this NATAS Travel Fair related article (pg 48) reads – “LAST CHANCE TO SEE – Tourists Are Heading To Formerly Ignored Destinations Before Warming Weather Takes Its Toll“.

Some snippets are:

That dream vacation – diving along the Great Barrier Reeef, skiing in the Swiss Alps – could remain a dream forever if you don’t get a move on it… As global warming is rising up the world’s agenda, ecotourists are flocking to previously ignored places… It’s been called climate sightseeing, a kind of farewell tour of Earth’s greatest hits… Here’s a short list of places that are feeling the effects of global warming today – places to consider as you put to consider as you put together your travel plans…”

I don’t know what to think anymore. It’s like a “Here ye, here ye, come see before it’s gone” sort of marketing pitch to sell travel.

Hey, we should be more ashamed over the fact that this is what we, humans, did to our one and only planet that we live on and what we SHOULD AND CAN do about it.

It’s so ironical. It might as well have been – “Nature’s wonders and gifts to us will be gone soon. Time limited offer. Come see them before mankind destroys them forever.”