There is a new full grown addition to my plant family.  

After much persuasion, I’ve finally convinced my mom that we should get a Lunar New Year plant since this is the first Lunar New Year that we are spending in our new place. And Lunar New Year plants have auspicious sounding names and are thus, good to have during this festive period. Find out more about the various Lunar New Year Plants at this informative article on Green Culture Singapore.

So after dinner last Saturday, we drove to a nursery in Jurong West and joisted with many other families in selecting the ideal plant. We settled on a citrus plant from the “kumquat” family called 龙胆 which literally translates into “Dragon Gall”. Not sure about its official plant name though.


Pretty pleased with our selection as it has lush young buds, looks healthy, PLUS we spotted it before the other families did.  We happily drove the new addition home and gave it a thorough inspection for mealy bugs and aphids.

Every morning, my mom will water the plant lovingly and give it the daily once-over to make sure that no pests are making a comeback. It is now Her plant. (Mom, I just knew that you wanted one too.) 

We hope that with her care, our “Dragon Gall” will continue to flower and grow fruits yearly.

I’ll be going to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow to join my in-laws and family for the festivities over the next few days and can’t wait to see how my other babies are when I get back.  

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! May this year of the Rat bring happiness and prosperity to you and your loved ones!