Terribly pleased with the progress of the snake beans. They seem to be growing awfully fast. They’ve grown to be about 3 inches tall since their germination 2 mornings ago. Their speedy growth is a great assurance to me. At least something is growing.

Other seeds that germinated are the dill and the cherry tomato seeds. Wonderful.


Dill – Germination Success Rate 50%

What I find particularly hard to germinate are the coriander and lemon balm seeds for some reason and have since attempted germination of a new batch on Jiffy Plant Starters.

Spotted lady finger seeds (okra) while purchasing the Jiffy Plant Starters and couldn’t resist buying them cos they are suppose to another easy to grow plant in our hot climate. After the lady fingers, I’m stopping with buying new seeds. Shall not be too greedy for now…