Guess what was the beautiful sight that greeted me this morning when I woke up?


 Woohoo! Then guess what’s an even more beautiful sight than this?


WooHooHoo! All five of my snake bean seeds have sprouted!

And 3 days ahead of their original germination dates! I’m so proud of them.

I didn’t expect all 5 to make it but I am damn glad that they did. Hello babies! Coincidentally, they are the biggest seeds amongst all the rest that I planted. Size does matter in this case?

Now I am wondering when to start fertilizing, whether the soil is suitable for their growth, will they be able to stand direct sun since they’re so young, etc, etc… I guess we’ll have to learn by trial and error along the way. But the problem is I can take the trials but I cannot take the errors (cross my fingers). Will check up more information on the internet.  

Meanwhile, I’m basking in happiness.