Other than what I’m currently trying to grow, we have 7 other plants in the balcony. 5 of them are purported to have medicinal effects and were “donations” from a cousin. My mom crushes the leaves from this 5 plants and mix them with chestnut juice for me to drink.

The remaining 2 are foliage plants which I had for 2 years. I bought them intially to brighten up my work cubicle and have share custody of them with another colleague. We take turns to water them and they help us to relax and bring greenery to what originally was a dull working area. They are our babies.


Our babies are fighting a infestation of the mealy bugs and I now understand the worries that gardeners go through. Underwater, overwater, pests, bugs…. one can only worry so much.  

But it’s war now.

The mealy bugs started with my mom’s flowering plant which have since succumbed and are now feasting their way through the 7 plants. My poor babies now have yellowed leaves and I’m afraid it’s the end if I don’t do something soon.

I’ve been spraying them with Pyrethrum weekly for the past few months to no avail. After surfing the internet today, I have done the following – hosed all plants with water and rubbed all plants surfaces to get rid of any physical mealy bugs and then sprayed the plants with water mixed with crushed garlic.

The problem doesn’t end here. Looks like my plants have powdery mildew and little white ant-like bugs that crawl about in the soil.  I’ve read off the internet that there are such things as root mealy bugs and to get rid of them, one has to rid the plant of the soil, wash its roots and pot clean and replant in new soil. Oh please don’t let it come to that.

I hope they feel better tomorrow already.