Woohoo, went to a nursery in Thomson Road last night and bought 4 types of seeds: snake bean, lemon balm, parsley & chives, along with 3 packs of potting soil and just one long rectangular-shaped pot. Will be using pots that were recycled from previous planting attempts.

After the nursery, I wasn’t satisfied with the number of seeds bought and proceeded to Home-Fix DIY in Great World City and found dill, tomato cherry and coriander. Quite pleased with my surprise find of additions.

Upon reaching home at about 10pm, I couldn’t start immediately and decided to proceed with labeling each pot and giving my seeds a head start in life by placing them in between wet cotton pads. Abit trivial but at least I get to satisfy my itch by doing something.

This morning, I finally got to pour out the potting soil and sow my seeds. Woohoo. Some had even sprouted a little tail from the TLC the night before. Amazing how water gives life to pre-dried seeds. God is amazing.

Okay, so I planted chives, parsley and coriander. My mom smurked and commented that you can get a large bunch at the market for less than a dollar. But they are easy to grow okay. I mean, how hard can it be for one to ruin chives, parsley and coriander? Oh, please please, not me, please.

But you worry about whether the pot is deep or big enough, whether there will be overcrowding of seeds, etc. So I’ll start with this seven and hopefully move on to more ambitious items in future. I hope to find rosemary seeds and maybe grow more easy to grow vegetables. The description on the seeds pack for cherry tomatoes and snake beans says “..hardy.. suited to hot tropical areas..”. Magical words.

Are there any other edible plants that are easy to grow in pots and are hardy and thrive in sun?

My babies and their germination dates from today, 20th Jan (in ordering of sprouting):

  1. Snake Bean : 7 days – 27th Jan
  2. Cherry Tomato : 10 days – 3oth Jan
  3. Dill : 12 days – 1st Jan
  4. Chives : 14 days – 3rd Feb
  5. Coriander : 14 days – 3rd Feb
  6. Lemon Balm : 14 days – 3rd Feb
  7. Parsley : 21 days – 10 Feb


Can’t wait man. I’ll be checking up the internet on how to grow them and also think of how to do up the trellis (support) for the snake beans and cherry tomatoes. Read from other websites that they need to be put up early as soon as they have sprouted.

I’ll be sneaking peeks at my babies all the time in hope of seeing little sprouts of green.